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Insane brand loyalty…. so interesting really – I have a few brands that I love – Alessi, Chanel, Mercedes, Apple…. Saatchi and Saatchi have an interesting website about “Lovemarks” – to quote – “Lovemarks transcend brands. They deliver beyond your expectations of great performance. Like great brands, they sit on top of high levels of…



Still sick – sniff I gakked this from ozgenre – just goes to show how I wasn’t paying any attention to MTV during my youth! Shame they didn’t have any questions on “other” 80’s music I do know – like The Dead Kennedys or Foetus or D.O.A. or The Birthday Party or … well the…


home in bed again…

I’m home still being sick – sniff – but a bit better than yesterday. I’ve been doing some work – on a new venture that will be public knowledge shortly – very exciting! I’ve got some *other* work to do as well, and should finish off my billing so I’m all up to date! Then…


Now there’s a surprise

You Are Dominant! If you’re giving out whippings, then this is no surprise to you But being dominant doesn’t neccisarily mean you are a sadist You might just take the lead, call out positions, or decide when it’s time for sex Bottom line: The bedroom is your domain, and anyone who gets with you knows…


not well at all

Sniff – I’m not well…. The earache I’ve had for a few days has metamorphised into actual being sick. timling is off at a dressage comp as per usual and I’m home 🙁 boy is busy in Newtown… rotten things – buffy and the maus care, but it’s a bit hard for them to give…


happy new modem dance

Well the optus man came and “gave” (ie sold) me a new cable modem… He also fixed something so I get faster and better cable – not sure what it all meant, but he kept quoting numbers and replacing cables and stuff… SO – all is well in technology land (for today at least)

evil modem

I am so frustrated with this rotten modem – I’ve had problems with it almost since day one – it seems to have some problem with the connection to the power supply… usually I can get it to work okay with a minimal amount of jiggling – but not this morning. If you see this…


Yay I’ve got my poota back – plus new month meme thing

Yay for apple – I’ve got my poota back complete with (another) new logic board! This is the second one I’ve had replaced in less than a year – but at least it’s all under warranty!!

Plus they were great about not separating me from my poota for very long – less that 24 hours all up, though I was offline between when my connection stopped working and the new logic board coming in…

Oh and ozgenre had this cute month thing, you take your birth month from