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evil modem

I am so frustrated with this rotten modem – I’ve had problems with it almost since day one – it seems to have some problem with the connection to the power supply… usually I can get it to work okay with a minimal amount of jiggling – but not this morning. If you see this…


Yay I’ve got my poota back – plus new month meme thing

Yay for apple – I’ve got my poota back complete with (another) new logic board! This is the second one I’ve had replaced in less than a year – but at least it’s all under warranty!!

Plus they were great about not separating me from my poota for very long – less that 24 hours all up, though I was offline between when my connection stopped working and the new logic board coming in…

Oh and ozgenre had this cute month thing, you take your birth month from


rah – new logic board

Just in case people have wondered if I’ve fallen off the edge of the planet 🙂 My poor little lap-top was refusing to allow me to use the ethernet port – there seemed to be some sort of crack… I took it in to the apple centre on Friday, well being a laptop nothing is…


Shoe slave

A certain little sissy has offered to be my shoe slave and send me lovely fetish shoes… we’ll have to wait and see if they materialise however – perhaps I’m a little cynical, but I tend to be a bit wary of the devotion of online subs until they’ve actually proved themselves. That said –…



Okay, I’m now going to get to work on my billing – or I would except I am the “Procrastinatrix” deluxe when it comes to this sort of thing. I’m a super talented procrastinator in general – but for some reason billing is the worst. When I was a wage-slave (most inappropriate considering) I was…


Pool man

My swimming pool is empty – and has been for some time… for some reason all pool men are unreliable. At least this one isn’t sleazy! So anyway, he did come round this morning – looked over the edge and said he’d come back tomorrow… we hope! I have been through hell with this goddamn…


More rugby goodness

Yay – what a busy day today… I went out to the farm with tgrrl and helped wash and plait for the comp tomorrow. Then it was back into town and off to the rugby again! I’ve had such a fantastic time going to the Rugby World Cup – even if we’ve been to see…