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OMG – Carisbrook!

My team have done such a fantastic job… I’m so happy with how everything is looking at the moment!

The dungeon has been painted – no more white walls! They’re all the same beautiful dark blue of the South Floor…

AND – the chandelier is up on the North Floor! It looks so sumpteous up there – glittery and fabulous – happy sigh.

No renovation work this weekend so I’m looking forward to playing 😀


vegan thoughts

Looking at cupcake_tattoo vegan shoes by Vivienne Westwood! So cute… and very cheap… I’m so curious about these shoes – from – all plastic shoes – some very cool designs but I’d have to see some first to get my head around them. In other thoughts – anyone have any good vegan recipies? I’m…


Weekend has been a bit blah really – my team are painting and doing mysterious bloke things in Carisbrook so no play for me 🙁 Plus I’m on detox again (long overdue I must say) so going out loses a little of it’s appeal when all I can have is a big glass of water!…


I do so dearly love Carisbrook… So much space, so many different ways to play. I’m always reminded when I come home from travelling just how much I love my own dungeon. Even though Ms Wynter’s place is fabulous – it’s just not mine… Fantastic session yesterday where I spent all my time up on…


So jet lag is pretty much gone – I don’t really get it that much, I just wake up earlier than I usually do for a few days and am a little more sleepy in the evening… Anyway – here are a couple of random thoughts and another review! One – If you have to…