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The rules: Take a picture of yourself right now. Don’t change your clothes, don’t fix your hair…just take a picture. Post that picture with NO editing. Post these instructions with your picture Look – a distraction!

I had a fun weekend – out and about getting up to various sorts of mischief 😉 always fun to dress up and spend time with my friends… Monday I saw one of my favourite subs for an overnight session… he’s off overseas for quite some time so instead of putting his rubber into storage…


Latest travel plans!

I booked my next trip to the States yesterday… Just after my birthday – so it will be a birthday progress! For a Mistress’s birthday everyone else gets the spankings! 😉 Leaving Sydney 11 October for SF New York from 17th – 23rd Leaving SF for home 26th October. Yay 😀

I had such a great session on Sunday – it was ten hours of nearly all heavy bondage. I did plaster mummification at the beginning – this time with him sitting up on a little stool I have (The Naughty Stool) – it’s such an intense experience… and rather messy! I certainly wasn’t wearing anything…


sigh – I am in love love love with new Christian Louboutin shoes and also with net-a-porter… because I’ve moved but not changed my address with the bank I had to verify my credit card details – which of course I appreciate because security is important.. so anyway – I emailed net-a-porter on Friday afternoon…



I had my grading today… and passed – thank goodness! It was my green belt – which now means that I’m officially a senior student… in my style we spend ages with no belt, then brown, yellow, blue, green… then green with one stripe, two stripes, three stripes and finally (eventually) black. The grading was…