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I had my first session since I got home yesterday – I’m so happy with all the work the TBs have been up to – the floor looks fantastic! It’s concrete – and even though we scrubbed it with the most toxic chemicals known to humanity it still looked pretty grotty – so my team took the opportunity to paint it while I was away – it looks a whole world of better.

So my session yesterday was with someone I saw when I was still at Salon Kittys! Which was over 4 years ago – so I didn’t feel too bad about not remembering him 😉 It was a lot of fun – spanking and light caning and then he wanted to explore cbt, particularly electro which he’d never tried before. I used the violet wand to good effect – I think that’s the sort of “prickly” sensation people assume electro might be like – but then I used my Erostek – and won an instant convert! I have to say Mistress Wynter was right – I do find myself using it more and more all the time – and I was originally not all that into electro – I found it a little “hands off” as opposed to other activities like percussive play, piercing and so on. But now – well suffice it to say I use it a lot!

A sub I saw just before I left for the US sent me a thank you note and some photos I taken for him (on his camera) during session… His focus was on lots of very fun things – but particularly hoods, corsetry, cp and bondage – he also wanted to experience rope suspension. Smiling – you never have to ask me twice for that – I fell in love with rope suspension back when I was still at SK – I remember I used to see a couple of people for the famous old “morning specials” who’d come in to see me for suspension bondage…


so what *do* I do?

I had a few phone calls today – I am answering my phone again (though *not* it must be said at 7.30 in the morning, even if I was already awake – it’s not a polite time to call) – which can be a little odd after a week and a half with no phone…


ooh technology

So I didn’t really need to get a silly blackberry… But I somehow got talked into it – shrug. My excite email addy isn’t very compatible either but I’ve been debating a new email for ages as it’s pretty horrible all round and bounces a lot of people – seems to hate bigpond for some…


In news of the day – I have a fluffy rug! It’s big and black and very very fluffy – happiness… though now I think I want to move the sofa from where it is now… I’ve been quite busy with sessions the last few days which is a Very Good Thing – I’ve been…


Back playing again!

happy dance… I’ve had three sessions in my new space – I’m so happy – I really really needed it 😉 lucky the first two sessions were both with masochists cause everyone knew that for the first couple my hand might be a teeny bit heavy. But lucky for me I have the best fun…