by | Nov 4, 2003

Okay, I’m now going to get to work on my billing – or I would except I am the “Procrastinatrix” deluxe when it comes to this sort of thing.

I’m a super talented procrastinator in general – but for some reason billing is the worst. When I was a wage-slave (most inappropriate considering) I was super bad at time-sheets… now it’s even worse for billing…

I think I find the whole “asking for money” thing a bit sordid. It’s one of the reasons that I’m still a house Mistress not an Independent – I so much prefer having a receptionist to do the dirty work! (asking for money that is – not cleaning up icky stuff – I tend to do my own) I’d be too embarrassed to be practice financial domination – I’d rather be given nice things without having to ask!

So anyways I’ve been working hard on a suit-job and now I have to ask for cashola – to pay the pool man!!! At least I can get two months done in my billing frenzy – September and October… though I wish the ratbags would put the payment through for July and August! Big corporations just take so long to process accounts – the shitful thing is though that I dropped back on my shifts to do this work – so I have a lot less money than usual.

Oh well – I should learn to live like a student again – that way I could spend all my dollarses on lovely lovely shoes and fetish wear! Oh and makeup – the Chanel counter will not be safe once my cheques clear!!!

– and the POOL MAN curse him….