I understand that getting in touch with a Mistress can feel a little intimidating – but there is no need to be too nervous – just be polite!

When you are ready to make a booking or if you need to contact me to clarify any information, email or text message are the best first option.

My contact details are
email ms.servalan@gmail.com
phone +61 0404654774

Note I prefer email or text message as the first contact and usually don’t chat on the phone.  I take bookings from 10am until 8pm most days. 24 hours notice is usually required.

I will want to know your name (can be a slave name if you prefer) what time you would like to come in, how long for and a brief outline of what you are interested in. If you decide to use a slave name – please remember what it was next time you get in touch! Otherwise we all end up confused 😉

My dungeon is located in Marrickville in Sydney but I will give you a time to text a couple of hours before the session, and will give you the exact address then. Make sure you contact me at that exact time, as if you are late or early I may well be in another session. When you arrive, we will have a conversation about the session and discuss interests and limits, this is not included in your session time. Please speak freely as while I’m very intuitive I’m not a mind reader! There is no reason to be embarrassed in asking for what you want, I’ve heard it all before, and never judge people for their fantasies. Please be aware however, that I too have limits, sex or oral sex are not on offer and I will always use my judgement as to how far a new submissive is able to go, particularly in a first session.

You should let me know if you have any injuries or health problems that may affect the session, such as a stiff shoulder or low blood pressure or if you need to be free from marks. The safe-word that I prefer is “kittens” however I generally prefer to play without the intrusive use of safewords… of course you always have the right to rescind consent however I enjoy clear lines of communication so we don’t get to the stage!

After the discussion, I will show you to the bathroom for a quick shower – then you will enter the dungeon (or other room) kneel and wait for me to arrive… the everyday world left behind as you enter My reality!