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Extended, Overnight & Multi-day Sessions


Followers of my adventures would know that I conduct a large number of Extended Sessions and have for pretty much my entire ProDomme career. Starting back in my earliest days at Salon Kitty’s and continuing ever since. Particularly of course in recent years as I have curated a playspace that’s perfectly set up for intense…


Back and busy in my Sydney Dungeon


It’s been a very busy few weeks since I returned from my travels. I had such an amazing time – with all my favourite things… museums, ancient ruins, modern art, red wine, delicious food, amazing dungeons, some wonderful play partners and of course a decent dose of Fetish Shopping in London and Paris! I love…


New Year – New Toys – New Travel

stainless steel hood and mitts

I hope everyone has had a fantastic start to 2019 – I know I have with the first week of January filled with fun sessions… and have really enjoyed getting to play with some of my newest toys! The most recent addition to my ever growing collection of bondage gear is an inflatable latex sleepsack…


Christmas and New Year availability


My goodness it’s that time of the year again! I’ve busy as usual having lots of fun in the dungeon and my schoolroom – with sessions ranging in length from an hour or two of traditional discipline in my schoolroom to several days of restrictive bondage and FemDom control ! I keep meaning to post…


Birthday Celebrations and my PO Box


It’s my birthday coming up in a couple of weeks and the spoiling has already started with some thoughtful contributions from my slaves and admirers… I’ve had a few people asking for gift ideas so I thought I’d give you some help ūüėÄ If you like to send old fashioned birthday cards, gift cards or…


New Bondage Furniture


If you’ve visited me in my dungeon over the last couple of months you might have noticed some changes happening on the North Floor – my domestic area that houses the large crossdressing wardrobe, iconic balcony and comfortable bed…¬†¬†Mistress Jadis¬†and I have been sorting and updating some of our¬†crossdressing wardrobe¬†recently and I have been changing…


Back in Sydney from DomCon LA


It’s hard to believe that I’ve already been back from LA for a whole month! I’ve been having a fun and busy time in the dungeon with lots of fun sessions – even a few new-to-me submissives coming in which is always interesting. I had such an incredible time at DomCon LA this year –…


New Metal Bondage gear!


I have long had a passion for bondage – and consider it to be one of the core fetishes that we encounter in the world of BDSM. One of my bondage submissives who has been serving me for a long time has commented that my style has changed – that I used to do a…