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Sissification vs Feminisation


When I first started conducting professional crossdressing sessions back at Salon Kittys, the extreme frilly end of feminisation wasn’t that well known in Australia. Once I started getting involved with the International FemDom community however I discovered that there was a lot more than lingerie or frocks when it came to crossdressing sessions.  Most “regular”…


End of year musings…


It’s that time of year where one always looks back on what’s happened and been achieved in the last 12 months – though obviously 2020 has been completely different to anything… I’m so grateful to have weathered it all quite well – here in Sydney we have definitely been protected by isolation, good luck and…


Archetypes of CP – Part 2


So last time I wrote quite a lot about traditional Headmistress discipline and how the sting of the cane is a key component in this style of play. This time I want write more about the dungeon side of CP play and how different sensations and experiences work in that context. Dungeon discipline for me…


Schoolroom or Dungeon; Archetypes of CP – part 1


I’m a rare combination of both a traditional non-nonsense Disciplinarian specialising in HeadMistress sessions and a classical Dominatrix tormenting my willing slaves in the dungeon. While each of these archetypes resonate very strongly with me they come with their own dress code, vocabulary and activities. However whether I am wearing a pencil skirt and silk…


My Birthday Month


My goodness – like everyone else this year has been Very Peculiar and not much fun at all… but even though it feels like it’s barely past March my October birthday is coming up again in a few weeks time! A couple of my lovely slaves have asked for a few ideas of what I…


How I came to love Bondage

IMG-7744 (1)

It is probably surprising to most subs who’ve played in my rather over-stocked bondage centric dungeon to hear that for my first few years in BDSM in my personal life and when I because a Professional Bondage Mistress – bondage itself was not one of my favourite activities… Like many people I think bondage was…


December – January availability


My goodness I’ve been busy – I haven’t posted on my blog for six months – that’s got to be some sort of record I think as I’ve been writing regularly since the old LiveJournal days more than 15 years ago! I have however been active(ish) on Social Media, particularly Twitter posting various thoughts, updates…


Extended, Overnight & Multi-day Sessions


Followers of my adventures would know that I conduct a large number of Extended Sessions and have for pretty much my entire ProDomme career. Starting back in my earliest days at Salon Kitty’s and continuing ever since. Particularly of course in recent years as I have curated a playspace that’s perfectly set up for intense…


Back and busy in my Sydney Dungeon


It’s been a very busy few weeks since I returned from my travels. I had such an amazing time – with all my favourite things… museums, ancient ruins, modern art, red wine, delicious food, amazing dungeons, some wonderful play partners and of course a decent dose of Fetish Shopping in London and Paris! I love…


New Year – New Toys – New Travel

stainless steel hood and mitts

I hope everyone has had a fantastic start to 2019 – I know I have with the first week of January filled with fun sessions… and have really enjoyed getting to play with some of my newest toys! The most recent addition to my ever growing collection of bondage gear is an inflatable latex sleepsack…