First session at my new place and an interview

by | Nov 28, 2003

Hi there – well I had my first session in my new dungeon today… Lots of fun, particularly the g/s 😉 It was a bit strange not knowing exactly where everything is – and I found the “Mistress bench” to be a bad height for me. But – very fun.

ozgenre is interviewing me – here are the questions…

1) As a homeowner – what have you seen as the pit and pratfalls of the exercise, especially concerning your life/style(s)?
Umm – nothing really. I guess in some ways I still act like a renter. The main pit/pratfall is getting things finished like painting the ceilings!

2) Clueless newbies (in most facets of your life). Should you educate them, or ignore them?
I love doing introductory sessions, as long as the person is genuine in exploring submission – I have no interest at all in people who “just want to try something new” and come from a more “brothel client” perspective. So – umm, both!

I’m pretty patient with most questions – for a short time, then I’m over it!

3) You’re starting out into a new (solo) venture, now. Why?
A few reasons – I’ve been fantasising about having my own dungeons and chambers for a long time… things just all fell into place really strongly for me, with another Mistress wanting to retire and sell me her business…

I’ve enjoyed my years at Salon Kittys and would certainly recommend the training that one gets there to anyone interested in professional domination. However after nearly 4 years I was ready to take a little more control in my own place.

4) Good Tim / Bad Tim. Which is preferable?
Timmiegirl is always good! (apparently)

5) How open are you (with life and profession) and why?
I am a pretty open person in general. I think because I find being covert too much work. That said – I don’t like going into details about stuff, and I despise being given the 3rd degree… If I want you to know, I’ll tell you!