Pool man

by | Nov 4, 2003

My swimming pool is empty – and has been for some time… for some reason all pool men are unreliable. At least this one isn’t sleazy!

So anyway, he did come round this morning – looked over the edge and said he’d come back tomorrow… we hope!

I have been through hell with this goddamn pool – trying to keep it clean and sparkling – we got it converted to salt as that was supposed to be less labour intensive (and nicer for eyes etc) but then realised it had a slow leak near the top, which meant that it was losing salt – so wouldn’t stay at the proper levels… the pool man said I had to get a diver in to find the leak! Which I did – he patched something up but basically told me it wouldn’t hold – fantastic!

Fast forward over winter when we just ignored the thing and it went all slimy and green…

We get the pool man back, to advise on fixing the leak properly – no useful input at all! Try and find a tiler he says – blergh… I give up… but we get it drained so we can try and sort something out – luckily tgrrl’s dad is uber-handy so he does a big patching routine…

So anyway – we call the pool guy to come back and paint the bottom… he doesn’t show up when he says… we call back, he’s not there, he doesn’t answer his messages… hopeless – I don’t understand how these people manage to run a business – we’ve had the pump in the bottom of the pool for two months!

So anyway – “apparently” he’s coming back tomorrow to do the first coat of the bottom.

We should have a beautiful sparkling pool again very soon….

Then I think I’ll do some latex photos in the pool!