RWC and stuff

by | Nov 22, 2003

Well – I’m much better than I’ve been all this week, my flu/earache is almost gone…

I’ve got some big news to be announced middle of next week sometime – so have been trying to sort things out in the middle of lying in bed clutching at my ears and sniffling.

It’s exciting, but making me very anxious – mostly in a good way, but sometimes just in an anxious way!

In other news – tonight is the Rugby World Cup Final!!!! Yay for the wallabies…. I’m supposed to be on shift at SK’s, but I think I’ll play hookey and go watch the rahrah.

Rather jealous of aetherisch and feedthefetish who are actually going tonight!

Last RWC timling and I watched the game from a fake Irish pub in Florence!!! We were the only Australians there… but made friends with an older British couple and convinced them to barrack for us as opposed to the dastardly French!

Anyone go to Hellfire last night? I was planning on going myself, but I’ve been too sick 🙁