The pool

by | Nov 26, 2003

The pool saga contiunes….

Well we finally got the bottom painted, and after a 7 day interval put the water back in! Feeling rather guilty I must say as there are mandatory water restrictions in Sydney at the moment – though I checked the Sydney Water website and it didn’t say anything about pools – just hosing hard surfaces, sprinklers etc…. though maybe filling the pool falls under “hosing hard surfaces”???

It takes a *long* time to fill a pool with a garden hose, like a couple of days…

But now it is all full, and the pool man has returned and is putting bags and bags of salt in – not sure what happens next, guess that’s why I’ve got a pool man!

In other good news, apparently my invoices have been approved! Woo hoo – I really need the money as I have an enormous wad of cash I need to shell out to the Mistress from whom I am buying my lovely lovely new dungeons! (well the equipment/good will etc is what I’m buying – buying the building would require another order of magnitude of cash!)