bah – rotten internet cafe

by | Dec 15, 2003

Hey there,

Am updating from a dodgy internet “cafe”… I went and got a manicure and pedicure today – in honour of a very fun session I have lined up for tonight! (waves to slave) have to say – I think I prefer having one of my foot slaves do the pedicure – even if the little vietnamese girl was cute – she didn’t lick my arches – hmm – maybe that’s not usual practice in a pedicure? Just at my place 😉

Overnight session tonight!!!

I love extended sessions, particularly overnight as it really gives me a chance to completly invade the conciousness of my plaything… and to control their environment completly! I also get to do things I don’t always get to do because of the sad commercial reality of time constraints – though that’s not such an issue now I have my own dungeons…

But I still haven’t decided where he’s going to take me for dinner! I should have made him choose – always better that way, then if it’s bad – it’s slave’s fault!


only a couple more days before Underworld is mine, mine all mine bwaa haa haa haa haa…. I’m looking forward to cleaning it all up! (or rather supervising)

Now I just wish that my puter would come back from the puter hospital – they haven’t even looked at it yet!!! Bastards!