by | Dec 3, 2003

I love googlism… www.googlism,com

Here is what it has to say about me (with my comments)

servalan is a very elegant and powerful woman – how nice!
servalan is a phenomenon – but what sort?
servalan is crowned ruler of the universe again – Yay, I always wanted to be ruler of the universe, I thought I was doing well being ruler of my dungeons!
servalan is probably so interesting – only probably?
servalan is not dead – thank goodness for that, I was wondering 😉
servalan is interested in the matter replication technology developed by the inhabitants of the planet – I am! – amazing….
servalan is not a pleasant woman – Oh, I’m quite kind really… for an evil sadist anyway
servalan is just a perfect baddie – so beautiful – *blush*

and several other amusing claims!

What does googlism say about you?