Greek grandmothers

by | Dec 5, 2003

What is it about Greek grandmothers?

Two GG incidents in two days…

Firstly – a whole gaggle of them were involved in some way with a car that had broken down so close behind me that I couldn’t back out… okay I said – put it in neutral and I will push it back so I can get out (they were clear behind) – this was okay, but only for a foot or two… hmmm – I did get out, but it was very annoying.

The today, I was walking my dog (a big, sookie bullmastiff girl) when another gaggle of GGs were on the way to church. Buffy sniffed somewhere in the general direction of one – well the lady decided to yell and try to hit her with her handbag…

Now that’s an intelligent move!

Threaten a 50kg dog….

Buffy is such a sook though, she jumped back in shock – she’s not at all aggressive… unlike the average Greek grandmother!

(shakes head)

Another dog would have jumped the other way….

Oh – and in quizzland…


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