internet cafe again…

by | Dec 29, 2003

Not sure what is more annoying – updating from an internet cafe or from my mother’s house! I think possibly mum wins, she chats to you but at least the chair is comfy and I don’t have to pay for having people look over my shoulder – all their own fault if they see something scary!

My poota has gone off to repairland number 2 – fingers crossed that these guys will fix it for me… sigh

I went out to the Customs mailcentre thing today – to collect all my lovely shoes – and the bastards were closed!!!! D’oh! Why they were closed I will never know – too annoying as its rather a long drive… so I’ll go again tomorrow – the sign on the door indicated that someone would be there.

In other joy from the ACS (Australian Customs Service) they’ve swiped an “electric flyswat” out of a parcel of mine… 🙁 maybe they’ll give it back if I promise not to swat any flies – just testicles! hehehe

This buying stuff online has been a bit of a bust for me – two orders, four fuck ups… bah!

I did get the super-sexy weighted cockring though – at least that came through….

We’ll see how I go getting the shoes and boots tomorrow!