Merry Xmas

by | Dec 26, 2003

Merry Present Fest to everyone!

I had a fantastic day yesterday – nicely balanced with a session today… so nice to just go and play when I want to and not have to sit around in a girls’ room waiting for clients to come in.

My sub today hadn’t seen a “real” Mistress before – but had some experience playing with prostitutes – at least he understood that a Mistress does not perform any sexual acts (sexy certainly, but not sex) – unlike another caller today, I always make sure to explain to people if they’ve not seen a Professional Mistress before… I certainly don’t want any misunderstandings.

Anyways – so this sub today was *really* annoying , mercy mercy mercy on everthing!

Cocktie – mercy

Flogged on the back – mercy

Spanked on the bottom – mercy

and nothing was even at a medium level!

Geez – what was I going to do for 3/4 of an hour! Luckily he was happy to take quite heavy verbal humiliation… hehehehehe – and a g/s (which he didn’t deserve, but I really enjoy doing them so he got spoilt) So it all ended up well.

In other news – still no puter 🙁

You are the queen bitch. you rule over all the
little bitches in your domain. If life is tit
for tat, you deserve alot of tat for what
you’ve got to give. Just keep all your little
bitches in line- you’ll be respected like the
pimp you are.

what the hell bitch are you?
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