Nice new navy robes and advertising!

by | Dec 1, 2003

Well I had a relaxed yet productive day today…

I booked my first set of print advertising, in the Courier group. Hopefully that will let a few of my subs know where I’ve gone. I’ve had quite a few people already calling me – I’ve been found by my website. Which is great as it’s only just been up for a little while!

The other good thing of today was going into town and looking at stuff – I ended up buying some very nice navy robes for my new place… I’m a bit of a manchester head really, I love towels, sheets – anything like that. These are much nicer (in my opinion) than the polyester satin ones at SK, but that is just a personal thing I have against polyester! Mine are mostly cotton a sort of lightweight waffle, not hot though…

It might seem silly to be buying robes and being so fascinated by towels – but I tend to think that it is attention to detail that shows overall quality…

I also had lunch in the new David Jones food-hall, which was great – but was almost ruined by a drunk suit-boy being rude to my friend and I… I can’t stand aggressive males – I think he needed some attitude adjustment!

Oh – and in useless yet vaguely amusing quizz news – I’m Coke!


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