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by | Dec 7, 2003

Wah – no Krispy Kreme donuts for me 🙁 unlike other people I know….

Oh well – all for the best I’m sure!

Your element is Water. You are a deep person and a
good communicator. Incredibably loving and
loyal when your trust is gained and you are
fairly mature.Myterious to the utmost water is
in everything. One can be an Ocean or a river
but nobody truly knows you.

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I had my professional phone turned off all day today, Sunday being a day of rest! – that’s a good and bad thing about working for myself is being on call… I had someone ring to ask me a few questions – do I do this, what is my experience in that – which is fine – I appreciate that it is a big decision to entrust your body and your secret fantasies to someone… I’m just not so keen if there is no actual thought of having a session – like if you’re in another country and are just ringing me for a chat!