Very different sorts of fun

by | Dec 6, 2003

Well today was a good day…

I had a nice lunch in Newtown – Char Kwai Teow – mmm with extra chili!

Then had two cool sessions!

The first one was with a sub I’d met years ago, while I was still an apprentice at SK. One of the senior Mistresses took me in to assist in a session with heavy piercing (including a fish-hook, though the eye of the penis) and caning… I went in on her session a few other times with this sub – always fun and very heavy.

Well – he saw my post on AusBDSM and wanted to come and see me! Very cool… We didn’t have enough time to do any piercing today 🙁 but I did some fantastic caning! Sub was a terrible wriggler and squealer – it was rather amusing – lucky my bondage was able to hold him firmly in place – even if he nearly rolled the bench over! Awful bench that it is – such a weird height… I’m so looking forward to moving things around to where *I* want them!

The next sub I saw was someone who I’ve not met before – he had seen my website and came in for some naughtiness! This was almost the complete opposite of sub1 – a lighter, more erotic session. I dressed him in some very sexy lingerie and decided to start some slave-girl training… a bit of special sensitization of the nipples and attention with my strap-on was certainly required!

That’s one of the great things about being a ProDomme – I get to play with so many different people – each of whom has their own interesting fetishes and preferences…