A very busy day!

by | Jan 6, 2004

Well – that was a very busy Monday!

First the optus man arrived to check why the cable connection was having problems (again)… the in the car and off to Wollongong to pick up my much loved puter! There was so much fog on the way down – it was amazing….

Puter rescued – I had lunch at the Five Islands microbrewery which is sort of attached to WIN stadium – so right on City Beach, very nice… as the driver however I didn’t get to sample much more than a sip of the beers 🙁

Then I had a session with someone I’ve corresponded with but haven’t met previously… this was quite fun, cbt and medium/heavy nipple torture…

which was to be the theme of the day, as no sooner had I arrived home that a regular sub of mine rang. I agreed to do the session in an hour and a half, scoffed some dinner and went back in.

I was *so* tired, I couldn’t imagine why I thought it would be a good idea to do another session – that was until 5 minutes after my sub arrived! I had so much fun, he knew he was in for trouble as soon as I started laughing. He takes quite a lot of torture, but has more difficulty with cp – so I gave him two dozen strokes of the cane!

Happy Sigh

Oh – *and* my new deerhide flogger arrived from the States! It’s very gentle – I tried it out a bit tonight…