Busy day yesterday

by | Jan 30, 2004

I had such a busy day yesterday!

First was a fantastic sub I saw for his first ever session at SK – who’s been seeing me for a while – I did a lovely horizontal rope suspension – very fun, then took him downstairs and locked him in the cells for a while before I gave him a nice caning over the horse in the catacombs…

That’s something I really have to remember to do more often – when I’m doing longer sessions anyway – which is use more of my playspaces. It’s not like being in a “house” where you can’t really take up too much space… It can be really sexy/fun to move environments – boudoir for some lighter teasing, then when the poor hapless sub is putty in my hands – off to the cells!

Anyway – then I went and bought a nice gilt-framed mirror to hang in the main dungeon… the paint doesn’t look too bad, as long as you don’t look up!

Then another great fun session (also someone I’d seen before) – with heavy nipple torture, lots of lovely foot worship and more caning!

Then – just as I was about to leave – I had a call asking if I’d squeeze in a short toilet training session… well, since he asked so nicely 😉

Today’s been pretty quiet – mooching about at home – posting a bit on Max Fisch…