CB 3000

by | Jan 11, 2004

I had a lot of fun playing with a sub wearing a chastity device – the CB 3000!

He said I was like a little girl with a bug in a bug-catcher (remember those) – I’m glad he doesn’t expect a cold, reserved Mistress and is happy with snickering, happy Mistress – I’d never be able to keep a straight face trying to see just how tight a chastity device can get! (pretty tight by the way)…

Now I want one of my own 🙁

So I can do sessions where I lock the slave in at the end of the session and send him off for a week or so… maybe send tormenting emails in between times – just to make sure he’s suffering enough!

sigh – oh well, I’ll just have to wait until next time I’m stricken with shopping!