Five – count ’em – five!

by | Jan 23, 2004

Great playspaces at my place!

The Main dungeon – now with black (not patchy red/purple) suspension frame (okay, so I still haven’t picked a paint colour for the walls and the painter is coming on Sunday – I’m good with deadlines!)

The Schoolroom – with cute little school desk and chair (and the blackboard, which is sadly still downstairs – curse Newtown theatre I say!) and plenty of heavy Shakespeare to be quoted from “The quality of mercy is not strained…” and held aloft on naughty palms – “drop that and you’ll feel the strap across those my boy!”

The Medical – which doesn’t really get enough use – I like incorporating it in other sessions (and first your check-up)

The Catacombs – incorporating the underground dungeon (now with mirrors, and skull pillar thingos Ms Synna left behind), the oubliette and the cells!

and introducing………… (drum-roll please)

The Boudoir! – Finally I set this up, a combination bedroom dungeon and cross-dressing wardrobe. After walking through this room each day and despairing, it didn’t really take me very long to do at all! I think that with everything, it takes me a while to get a vision/concept of what I want to do – once I have that, I’m quite fast… but there is no point in trying to organise anything until the vision arrives…

I’m like that in my “other” work too – if I have something to write – it may take me a while farting around and/or just doing research I don’t really need to do until the idea properly forms and then – wooshka it’s done.

It’s all good…

So now the race is on – who is going to be the first sub on the bondage bed and de-virginise my lovely boudoir?