Happy New Year everyone

by | Jan 3, 2004

Well – I’ve made it back to a puter with some good news!

My puter is fixed – yay!

Under warranty – bigger yay!!!

Also – I got the shoes from ACS – and they are FANTASTIC…

Thigh high black patent boots with 8″ heels – size 12
Red double ankle strap stillettos – size 12
Cute clear platforms stillettos with rainbow straps – size 12
Classic black stillettos with 5″ heels – size 14

(and a little something for me of course!)

I had a “slave for the day” session on the 1st of January with my sissymaid Kelli – and made her do a lovely fashion show for me… she’s not very good at walking in heels (yet) hehehehe, I was very kind and allowed her to wear some of my other lower shoes (strappy sandals with more blocky heels) – she also has some cute “training heels” of her own to wear while she’s doing chores at home (properly attired in one of her slinky slips I’m sure!)

I also had “mr mercy” come back to see me!!!!

He was amazingly well behaved – and really seemed to try a little harder to please me this time… Also as I understood his interests a lot better this time I didn’t find the session frustrating. He made quite a good pony!

boy has been working hard too – I’ve now got my schoolroom set up (though not finished)… It looks fantastic! If anyone sees an old portrait of the Queen – keep me in mind – I really want one to hang over the mantle piece…