happy to be found

by | Jan 8, 2004

Well I put a profile on alt – and already a few people have contacted me! What is particularly great is that some of them are ex-subs of mine from Salon Kittys – plus I had a fun session today with someone I used to see at SKs…

It seems as if my subs are going to quite a lot of trouble to track me down. Which is so nice, it makes me really happy to get a phone call or email from someone who’s seen me before. Sometimes when you work in a house, you can feel a bit as if you’re one of a set of interchangeable Mistresses – but as a lifestyle as well as professional Mistress, I always wanted a bit more.

So when people go to a bit of trouble to find me again – and seem so very happy to be at my boots once more – it just reminds me how special the Mistress/slave relationship is, and the fact that it can flourish in a professional environment.

In other news, I bought a school chair for my school room – just the sort that used to snag my stockings when I was at school!

What else is new?

I’m hating the awful paint job in the main dungeon more and more – I can’t work out why the previous Mistress thought that it was a good idea to have the patchy pink sort of tide-line up the walls…. plus the suspension framework is two different colours!

I don’t usually notice, but I was taking some photos in there yesterday and realised that it looked much worse on pixels (as opposed to film) than it does in r/l. I guess I’m too busy looking at my slave to worry about the paint!

But – sadly I’m a perfectionist so it will *have* to be fixed – and soon!!!

Oh – my advice for the day – don’t wear lace trimmed panties on a hot day and go for a long walk!