Painting and a wedding!

by | Jan 25, 2004

Well most of the painting of the main dungeon got done today…

I’m not sure that I’m happy with the colour however, it’s supposed to be a purple/grey, but it’s much much darker than I was expecting – sigh will just have to see how it looks when all the equipment and stuff is back in there… maybe it will be okay.

In any event its got to be better than the weird patchy red and pink that was there originally!

I went to a wedding last night – at the MCA – it was great fun, caught up with a heap of friends and drank rather too much champagne! – as you do!!! The food was great, but it was done “cocktail” so there wasn’t quite enough – especially to soak up the champagne…

I’m really looking forward to getting some photos done now that the dungeon is more acceptable looking. I must speak to maid-kelli, who is rather a keen photographer – and always so complementary of the model – much easier of course if she’s likely to cane you if you’re too cheeky!!!

In other news, am torturing myself looking at wonderful latex from House of Harlot… I’ll just have to wait until I’m a bit more settled before I go spending more dollarses!