people want the strangest stuff (and I don’t mean in session!)

by | Jan 12, 2004

The uber-ugly black bookcase I threw out has gone….

I can’t work out why anyone would want it – I really can’t. It barely held together long enough to get it out the front door… It was in very ratty condition – but someone wanted it! People are very strange.

In other news, moved stuff around today – brought an awful old couch from my home to my house 😉 but it has a nice new cover so is okay… it’s next to my makeup table – under the air conditioning!

I like having my own makeup table, its so nice to sit there and play with all my lovely stuff – I haven’t bought any makeup for *ages*, maybe it’s time for another raid on the Mac and Chanel counters!

I can’t understand cheap and nasty makeup, why bother… I even bought nice makeup for my cross-dressers! Not Chanel I’m sorry, but nice stuff from David Jones… no “coral colours” or similar anywhere at my place 😉