by | Jan 27, 2004

Well the main dungeon is painted – however it is in serious need of a touch-up as the “painter” seemed a bit rushed and didn’t finish things off properly… however I’m getting her to come back and fix it up tonight.

I’ve decided that I like the colour after all – it’s a very rich dark purple – a royal purple I believe! Very well suited for a dungeon… I think once I have some more mirrors and so on that it will look great. Certainly a zillion times better than the old colour anyway!

I did my first session in the Boudoir this morning! An early start for me at 9am… I usually take my first session at 10, but earlier is fine (not much earlier though! I don’t think I want to start offering Breakfast Beatings at 7am!!)

Anyway – it was a fun session, just a short spanking and CP – I actually quite enjoy my “Short Fetish Sessions” if they are focussed on one specific activity. I refuse to cram an hour’s content into half an hour however!

I’m looking forward to being a bit busier over the next couple of weeks as people shift out of holiday mode – holidays are generally quite quiet… now if I can just keep my silly phone charged I’ll be laughing!

Of course there’s always shopping!

I was in the checkout process of placing another order at JTs Stockroom – sadly not a violet wand or CB-3000 today (latex bondage tape, poster of Midori and a lexan cane) – but my poota crashed in the middle of the order! It must be fate… I shall go and buy something sensible like a rug for the boudoir, or a globe for the schoolroom instead 🙁