quiz and Monday

by | Jan 12, 2004

I still have so much to do – on Saturday night I threw out a horrible wobbly black bookcase that was in the main dungeon and put the stuff that was in it in the ugly chipped black chest of drawers…

I hate it – and the paint (another whiney complaint – I’m sorry all) – I did have plans for that side of the dungeon, but now I’m not sure. I do need all the toys in the chest of drawers, just not sure where to put them!

Oh well – I’ll have to have a play and see what works.

Am also going to book some more advertising – which has good and bad points – I tend to get a lot more curiosity seekers both as just calls and as sessions. I’m great with “sincere novices”, but not so fantastic with curiosity seekers… however, it’s mostly good.