Setting a date and busy day ahead

by | Jan 13, 2004

Well I have a busy day ahead of me today…

I have a couple of Mistress friends who hire my dungeons from me from time to time (which is great because then I can buy *more* cool stuff) – one of them is in this morning, but boy is letting her in… yay for boy 🙂

Then I have two sessions booked – one two hour with restrictive rope bondage and peircing (yumm) – the other is an hour and a half – Mistress’s choice – mostly cp, anal and some torture – fun also!

Yay – I have now booked the advertising – eek – hopefully not too many wankers, but it helps to get my name back out there. I had one ex-SK regular tell me he carried the advertisment from the City Weekly around in his diary for a month or so! Lucky he didn’t lose it as I only advertised for two weeks and then nothing for a month.

So anyway – I’m trying to set a date for my dungeon launch party! Hopefully to coincide with my full website launch… (yes it will happen – I promise)

At the moment the likely candidate is Feb 13 – now please don’t think I’m coming over all gothlike – please – I’m the one in the pink latex – 😉 to aetherisch but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get everything I want done by then…

Plus my maid kelli is making me a piece of equipment and I’d want to have “hir” tied to it for my opening night – so hir timeframe has to be taken into account too…

Oh and btw we’re painting the suspension frame on Friday morning – so no heavy bondage in the main dungeon that day! There’s always the catacombs though 🙂