What’s the deal with Wednesday?

by | Jan 14, 2004

There were four sessions scheduled at Underworld today – three with me and one with another Mistress…

How many went ahead you ask?

None – that’s right, not one!

I personally had all three examples of how not to have a session…

Example One – The polite regular: Called yesterday and apologised that he wouldn’t be able to make it, will call back in a few days to re-schedule. That’s fine, these things happen to everyone.

Example Two – the disappearing newbie – called on Monday, booked for this afternoon but didn’t confirm. Didn’t really worry me, as I wasn’t put out – he was a “penciled in” session.

Example Three – Total rudeness! – called this afternoon saying he’s seen me on Max Fisch, wanted to make a booking for this evening… here’s the shitty thing – called to confirm – then didn’t show up! Maybe he has a fetish for causing Mistress to sit around in full latex reading bad erotic novels (left behind by previous occupant) – I did actually have other things I could have been doing!

Madness – madness I tell you