Yea or nay?!?!

by | Jan 16, 2004

I had a sub call me this evening when I was in the car asking if he could come in for a session tonight – I did have some time, so I said sure…

5 minutes later he called back and said he was sorry, but could we put it off till another time, he didn’t want to be rushed – not to worry – I had already done a couple of sessions (today was goodsub day obviously – as opposed to evil wednesday).

So I go back to the dungeon and start taking the equipment off the suspension frame in preparation for painting tomorrow… (for some reason the previous Mistress thought that red undercoat combined with purple patches and the occasional dark blue bar was a good look)

Then ring ring – same man again – “If I get there by 10.15 can I still see you?” – the answer was “no, I’m sorry but you’ve missed your chance” – he’ll call back next week – and maybe even make it in 😉