Bookings and cancellations

by | Feb 5, 2004

Well I usually have a very low rate of cancellations and/or no-shows, mostly because nearly all my sessions are “return to Mistress” as they used to say at SK.

Today however I’ve had two!

One was someone who was coming in to do a “slave for the day” – he was very polite and rang to say he wouldn’t be able to make it… which is totally fine – I understand that sometimes things come up or whatever.

I have to say I was a little bit disappointed though – I’d thought of a heap of stuff I wanted him to do – cleaning and so on… as well as give me a pedicure. (I was thinking manicure, but not sure if I’d trust a slave with something so visible – at least not until he’d proved his nail polishing ability!) You know, relaxing with new Vogue and maybe a glass of champagne, getting feet massaged…. seemed like a good plan!

Oh well

But my other booking didn’t show – naughty thing didn’t cancel either! How rude…

At least I’ve got someone fun to play with later on tonight 😉