Busy day on not much sleep!

by | Feb 16, 2004

How hot was it last night!

I couldn’t sleep – so I got up at about one and lay on the floating lounge-chair in the pool for a while enjoying the breeze and looking at the stars… very nice and a change from tossing and turning 🙂

After a while the water was too tempting, so I slid in… it was sooo good

Then I sat up and read Tim WInton for a while.

This morning – a hair appointment at Toni and Guy – I know they’re conservative but good – but hey, I usually look very conservative when I’m not in full fetish! I like having “natural” looking hair etc, so I’m really happy with what they do at T&G…

A quick lunch with timling and then I was off to the dungeons.

My maid kelli came in to take lots and lots of photos!

We did some in each play room (except the medical), first in the catacombs and cell – with me wearing my beautiful stormy leather corset and leather pants…

then in the main dungeon – wearing latex bra, skirt and corset… mmm I had a lot of fun polishing up my latex!

then we did some in the boudoir with me wearing my super camp leopard print dress

then some in the school room – in white blouse, black skirt and academic gown!

It was tiring but fun – I’m looking forward to seeing how they come out…

I’ve got another photo shoot coming up at the end of the week with dear little Miss harley (my favorite girlsub)