Bye, Buffy and Battlefishies!

by | Feb 20, 2004

Well it was goodbye to mirans – I picked her up from the hotel and drove her out to the airport… we spent a fun if slightly odd hour wandering around the domestic terminal looking at stuff and chatting…

She’d probably be back to earth now 🙂

It’s hot today – my poor Buffy had a hysterectomy yesterday and is feeling very sad and sorry for herself today… we were originally planning to let her have a litter, but I never ended up showing her and she didn’t have easy seasons… Aunty Janet (the super-vet) said it was good we went ahead with the operation, she had some strange lumps – and a flaccid uterus! Oh no! Poor boo-boo….

Anyway, waiting on test results and trying to let her rest and recuperate (though *not* on the couch!)

In other news….



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