I want to cane someone….

by | Feb 23, 2004

Okay – here’s the thing…

I have been having a lot of fun lately (including today) – doing some wonderful heavy rope bondage, really having fun with various levels of nipple and cb torture and ravaging several poor sluts’ nether zones 😉

But I need to administer a severe caning.

Not a fun otk spanking….

Not even a sound strapping with my wonderful custom leather strap from Radical…

But a severe caning… at least 3 dozen strokes… preferably to blood (mmm – blood)

So CP sluts of mine (and I know there are many of you lurking in the wings)… who is willing to take up the challenge and satisfy this sadist?

PS – in spite of all this rampant sadism I (apparently) have a heart of gold!

gold heart
Heart of Gold