Mistress Arika

by | Feb 12, 2004

I’m in such a filthy mood at the moment… I think it’s mostly because it’s so hot and humid that I haven’t been sleeping very well. I had such a strange dream this morning – it was about shopping!

Yesterday was fun though – I saw a new humiliation toilet slave which was great fun, I love golden showers – both erotic and humiliating!

Then – I had a few hours with the beautiful Mistress Arika from Japan!

She’s in Sydney for a few days, just having a relaxing holiday – but we had been in contact via email and were looking forward to catching up in person. There was a crazy thread on Max Fisch about her looking like a “traditional submissive Japanese woman” hahaha Take a look at her bondage and say that!

Mistress Arika trained many years ago with a traditional Japanese rope master, and is an expert in beautiful rope bondage… she’s also a really nice person and good fun to shop with!

We went to Bronte for a coffee and look at the beach, and then to Centennial Park – tourist fun out of hte way, I took her to Oxford street for a tiny shopping expidition – apparently good quality leather fetish gear is very expensive and hard to get in Tokyo, so Sax was a bit of a playground!

Then I had some fun showing off my dungeons!

Mistress Arika will be returning to Toyko tomorrow – but hopefully will return to Sydney in a couple of months so we can have a proper shopping binge! Yay…

I also asked her about running a couple of workshops in advanced Japanese bonage technique… so I’ll make sure to keep everyone updated!