Night swimming…

by | Feb 10, 2004

I just had a lovely swim… there’s something so different about swimming in the pool at night – it’s very quiet and the sound of the water splashing is so much louder…

Very peaceful – and cooling, because it’s hot again…

I spoke to my friend Mistress Serena today, that’s one of the few things I miss about working in a house – seeing my friends… really great to talk to her, I’m looking forward to a dance with her at Mardi Gras – she’s always the most kinky and beautiful person at any party – must be all those amazing outfits from House of Harlot, DeMask, Pigalle and so on!! I’m usually wearing something comfortable I like to dance in!

I’m thinking the first weekend after Mardi Gras for my launch party… I was originally going to go with this weekend – but just got too busy. I need to finalise a date, otherwise I’ll never do it!

powerful and seductive. nobody knows what it is
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all the guys stare. everybody loves you, and
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