Not a great start to the week 🙁

by | Feb 9, 2004

Well I’ve not had a fantastic start to the week so far…

Some of which is all my own fault

I had a booking with the massage-therapist-of-doom again, but due to sleeping in, taking too long in the shower and other things was running 15-20 minutes late…

I jumped in the car and started on my way, rang to apologise only to find that she wasn’t able to see me late, as she had to go teach… blergh….

Now I feel v. guilty – and so I should, I’d be very pissed off if someone did that to me!

I’ll make a rebooking and take her a nice present to apologise… hopefully she won’t take it out on me with pointy elbows in the glutes!

Anyway – so I go to buy a coffee and someone rings to make a booking.. because it’s around an hour to the time he wants, I don’t get him to confirm…

Fast forward an hour and a half and I’m sitting at my makeup table reading a book and getting rather annoyed… Of course he was a no-show! I actually thought I recognised the voice as someone who often rings asking questions but never comes in. I rang him back and left a message on the turned-off mobile, quite polite considering, but I’ve saved his number in my phone, so I’m not going to be taking any more bookings from that particular dickhead!

Anyway – so now it’s hot – and I do have a few things to do, but not much motivation – maybe I need to jump in the pool to cool down!

Either that or have someone I actually like come in for a session!