Oscar meme and grumpiness update!

by | Feb 9, 2004

Still very hot here in Sydney – I did go for a swim however… which was great!

Then went to Newtown and wandered about for a bit…

Made some yummy pasta for dinner – with english spinach, “not-bacon”, pickled eggplant and other good things….

Also had some rose that I bought recently – I’m a bit scared of rose in general – what is it about? However this was nice, quite aromatic and went well with the pasta dish… Of course it wasn’t a cheaper choice – so less likely to be a disaster anyway!

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Your Night At The Oscars! by astrotre Name: Who Are You Wearing? A Little Something Of Your Own Design Who Is On Your Arm? Some Random Bimbo You Are Nominated For: Best Documentary Feature You Practiced Your Acceptance Speach For: About An Hour. You’re Such An Accomplished Pro That This Is Old Hat To You. Do You Win? Yes, Of Course! Your Embarassing Oscar Moment: Boring! Your Long-Winded Acceptance Speach Was Cut In Half By Commercials And Put Everyone To Sleep!

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