Phew – that was a busy day!

by | Feb 18, 2004

Well I had a very busy day yesterday…

I’ve been sworn to secrecy about my first session, but let me just say this – the albatross sketch from Monty Python will never be the same again! “Albatross… aaallllbbbaaatroossss” hehehehe

Then mistressquinn was in having a lot of fun I suspect – her good friend Mistress Circe came in as well to join in the fun – I had a great chat to her while Ms Quinn was busy… it was great to have a proper conversation, I often have “waving” friendships where I see people out and wave, but don’t really talk properly… yesterday was great, I always thought I liked Mistress Circe and now I know for sure! 🙂

Then I have my dear slut mssslut to play with! Resplendent in the thigh high boots that didn’t arrive in time for his session last year (when he was up in Sydney)…

It was a fun session, very relaxed as seems to be the case with us – we just get on very well and seem to have a lot of fun just chatting – even if my slut’s in boots and lying back drinking his wine from my lips not a glass!

I’m just about to go back to the dungeon… better get my skates on – I just remembered that I left the car is there so I have to walk!