Shop shop shop!

by | Feb 26, 2004

Well back from shopping expedition number 2!

Yesterday I went hunting around some of the Oxford St Leather/Fetish shops and actually bought a cute little cock whip at Sax – it exactly matched my silver handled flogger – metal handle and all, but is very tiny and cute… Now I know this is petty, but I really don’t like Sax all that much – I’d much rather stick to my good mates at Radical Leather wonderful quality and very well priced… they supply all the cool restraints in my dungeon and the best strap in the world! Which is where I was today – getting my spiked collar remade (in leather this time) as the rubber had perished after several years. Oh – and great leather ball weights, so much nicer than the fishing ones I was using…

Yesterday I bought a mirror/storage thing at Ikea – its hard to explain, you’ll just have to see it 😉 and a large cast-iron candle stick (for the floor) and some 90hr candles (also from Ikea – just makes you want to come over all Fight Club!)

Oh – and I also stopped in at Karnal Leather to check out what they had in stock… I’m going to have to buy the leather dog mask some time… it’s so very very hot and I’m sure there’s a little leather puppy out there who’s dying for some training!

Plus I want Steve at Radical to make me a leather suspension harness… though I don’t *really really* need one as I am perfectly happy doing rope suspension!

There are just too many things I want to buy!