Tales and a quizz

by | Feb 7, 2004

Hm – in a funny mood tonight – I had good fun in my session, it was someone I’ve seen quite a lot, but not for over a year – sometimes that can be hard, as we remember intimacy without actually having it anymore. But the session was fun, so all is good…

I never explained about the plumber – so funny!

the young plumber boy came to fix the leaking toilet (thank goodness) and was very funny walking through the main dungeon to get to the bathroom – he kept his head down, but was trying to shoot glances out… he didn’t ask – I didn’t tell!

About 20 minutes after he left, the head plumber rang – “Michael is new in the company, and I was wondering if I could come by and check his work… just make sure he’s done it properly…”

Sure you were!

I was unfortunantly too busy… “Oh -that’s okay, I’ll do a random test with someone else”

Obviously young plumber boy had rung up saying something along the lines of “Oh my god you’ll never believe what this place is like!” and his boss wanted to go and have a squizz for himself…

Sorry guys – the tour departs at 10am the 15th of Grune!

in other news – Princess Leia!
You Are Princess Leia!

Strong, ambitious and really weird hairstyles make
you who you are. Always the responsible one,
but you need to let loose sometime! Toss away
the steel bathing suit and go out and get that
scruffy looking nerf herder that hangs at the
local wretched hive of a bar, sure he has a
really beat up car, but at least hes taller
than your brother!

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