A special visitor…

by | Mar 17, 2004

I’ve had some exciting news… my friend Mistress Arika is visiting Sydney again soon! In a couple of weeks in fact – from the 1st to 4th of April!

I’m really looking forward to seeing her again – and doing some serious shopping this time!

Mistress Arika isn’t sure if she is going to have time to run any workshops – but I’m going to see if she can make some time – she’s happy to show me a few things, so I’m very excited to learn some very traditional bondage.

Of course if anyone is willing to take on two Mistresses – give it some thought! Mistress Arika is very very skilled in traditional japanese bondage, as well as most other activities… I’d love to double domme with her!

Check out her website – email her directly if interested in a session!

Oh – and in other news…

Thanks foot slave ks for the lovely bottle of wine – I finally drank it! Yummm…. 🙂