Another busy day…

by | Mar 18, 2004

Well another busy day at the dungeon…

I got my proposal done (vanilla work) on Wednesday – a bit late, but not bad.

I had a couple of sessions – the first was fun, but a little bit annoying because the naughty boy said he wanted discipline, so I was excited… d’oh – he could hardly take anything at all 🙁 I did get up to some naughty messy stuff however so that was fun! Plus I refused to let him chicken out when he “changed his mind”.

The second was great – a headmistress role-play again with a *lot* of severe otk spanking… this sub said it was the heaviest and most prolonged spanking he’d ever experienced – yay for spanking!

But I didn’t get to cane in this session either 🙁

But mistressquinn did! She saw a regular of mine – a *very* naughty boy who needed a good thrashing… and didn’t he get one!

He’s going to have to take at *least* that much from me next time – probably more… hehehe and I’m a tiny bit more brutal I suspect…

I should give him a call and get him to come and show me the stripes – I may have to add a few on of course!