Busy and productive!

by | Mar 1, 2004

Well that was a busy fun day!

I had a quick chat in the Max Fisch chat room this morning, then off to let my friend mistressquinn into the dungeon where she seemed to have a lot of fun getting up to mischief, gauging by the big smile when she was finished 😉

Then I had a fun session, with someone I hadn’t seen before… focussing on nipple torture which is a favourite activity of mine, because it’s so very intimate – I love to make a slave look into my eyes, and watch how happy their suffering makes me! Mmm – and suffer he did! or rather “she” at the time, in wonderful slutty red heels…

After putting on a load of washing and cleaning the dungeon and toys (the less glam reality of my life!) I caught the train into town (it even arrived on time!!!) and went shopping! I needed new foundation – but wanted some little treat… a new nail colour from the new season’s Chanel collection – very sexy – then I had a manicure to get it put on… which was a very strange experience – very very odd manicurist – usually it’s 15-20 minutes – she took 45!!! anyway – I love the colour…

Then I took my puppy to the vet to have her stitches out – she’s doing very well and has no problems from her operation – I have to admit to being a sook where my puppy’s concerned – she probably should have been desexed ages ago – but she’s got 8 Australian champions in her bloodlines and I was thinking of breeding… but in the end I didn’t show her – and she’s better off without “hormone hell”…

Then I had another fun session! This time focussed on CBT – I got to use some of my equipment that I don’t bring out so much… it was good fun…

So now I’m relaxing – just finished watching the Oscar’s and am playing poota!

A very happy start to my month… Which makes up for the fact that mssslut has piked on the overnight we were planning for tomorrow… I only hope he sorts out all the work stuff as I was looking forward to mischief – I love extended sessions (with people I like that is, I’m very very picky about who gets to spend that much time with me!)

The Universe Card
You are the Universe card, sometimes called the
World card. The Universe is the complete,
perfect whole. The spiritual path has come to
an end and enlightenment is reached. Events
have reached completion. The different facets
of your life are well-integrated and
harmoniously balanced. This is an ideal state
in which to rest and feel the true state of
your vibrant physical being. Your creative
potential is maximized and you have achieved
goals that you have set for yourself in the
past. After enjoying the pleasure of this
state, a new cycle can begin with new
challenges and triumphs that will keep you
feeling alive and keep building on the
foundations you have planted thus far. Image
from The Stone Tarot deck.

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