Car go boom!

by | Mar 21, 2004

Well – I had my car die on the M5 last night – very annoying, the NRMA man said that the engine had seized from a lack of oil, which is actually a bit odd because it was due for a service – but only by 10%…

Anyway, it’s probably going to cost quite a lot to repair – I’ll find out just how much in the next few days – I had it towed to the mechanic’s last night.

In happier news, I went to a friend’s housewarming this afternoon – which was good fun, I haven’t seen her for a while – so it was nice to catch up and see her new place.

and in quizzland…

You are a lion. You’re brave and strong and are
usually the leader. You tend to be a bit bossy
at times and for that you end up getting in
most of the fights in your group. Don’t worry
too much about it though, your friends still
enjoy you’re company.

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