Crazy beer!

by | Mar 4, 2004

Not a huge amount to report really… only two sleeps to Mardi Gras! Yay!!!

Still no proper decision on what I’m going to wear… I usually wear something comfy – but still leather (one of my leather skirts)… girl usually wears leather skirt and some other top and boy wears his cammo pants, black singlet and GPs (mmmm – sexy GPs) both of them with their collars 🙂 very very cute – and only a foot and a bit between them 😀

So – why you wonder – is the beer crazy?

Well – firstly it’s the fact that it was “Brewed in Slovakia” – huh? My bottle shop is the best! Not a chain and while it doesn’t have the same big discounts you can pick up at some of the huge chains – it has much more good and quirky stuff – including this beer

The real reason it’s crazy is the label-art… a camp looking bikini girl – with a strange ugly leather necklace, rather odd face, gun belt (sans gun) – but best of all – her bikini top scratches off!!!

How does it taste?

Well – not as nice as the Peroni I bought as well – but not bad…