Hairy Lemon and ouchy forearms!

by | Mar 20, 2004

Well another good session this morning (well – midday actually, but its the weekend!) lots and lots of nipple torture – I managed to push the sub very nicely, he took quite a bit of nt for me 🙂

Then – he was on the fantastic new bench for some CP – for some strange reason all my sessions recently have been lots of spanking, but no cane 🙁 I’m feeling that cane-need again… will have to call my cane slut I suspect!

My lovely maid kelli called me from the engineer’s supply store today to check which block and tackle I wanted! Yay – I have new suspension…. I’ve not been happy with the one I’ve got – the chain has some superficial rust which makes my hands go orange and the gear ratio sucked – it was hard to lift little mistressquinn let alone some of the bulky boys I get to play with! So apparently this new one will be much easier work!

Thank goodness – with Mistress Arika coming to visit, I’d be terribly embarrassed not to have good suspension equipment!

I’ve been having some fun with people who’ve seen me in “Paddles” – but all the spanking has left me with a sore spanking arm!

I’m off to the farm tonight! Taking my puppygirl for a good run too – thank goodness for hairy lemon though! I wouldn’t feel so much like a long drive otherwise…